Fabbro di Chiavi, alias Marco Pellizzari, is a guitarist, composer and aerospace engineer born in Asolo (TV) on December 19, 1983.

Engaged in contributing to the realization of earth observation and solar system exploration missions, he became passionate about music from an early age, starting from classical guitar studies to later land on the electric. 

Sources of inspiration and study are international artists (Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia, Joe Pass, Steve Morse, Symphony X) and Italian artists (Banco del mutual Aid, New Trolls, PFM).

From 2000 to today he has ranged from rock music, to progressive, to metal playing in tribute bands (Genesis, TOTO, Malmsteen and Van Halen) in Italy and Germany, where he currently lives.

During the pandemic he organized the material recorded over the years and decided to give life to the symphonic metal solo project Fabbro di Chiavi, with which he experimented the complete creative process: from the development of the idea to its sponsorship; releasing the first single “Light and Heavy” in March 2022.

An EP is expected to be released in 2023; the goal is to further develop the interaction between guitar and orchestra in a progressive cinematic context.     

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